Launch date: March 2018
Details: 109 NEW Artworks
12 NEW Cushions


A nod to the retrospective, Urban Road’s latest collection is their own unique spin on minimalism - a celebration of simple lines and forms, soft muted colour palettes and organic curves. Yet, as the collection progresses, it dares to dip its toes into much edgier waters with dark, moody subject matter and bold photographic imagery, culminating in a continuous sequence of artworks that are at times not perceivably different, yet stunningly diverse – a Continuum.


Launch date: July 2017
Details: 90 NEW Artworks

SS17 Catalogue also includes all previous Urban Road collections.


Urban Road's Spring/Summer collection RHAPSODY pays homage to the Australian Summer, exploring the nostalgia of days gone by – the sun shining on freckled cheeks, moments spent in your favourite swimsuit, and watching sunsets over salty oceans. The collection is a harmony of unique pieces that collectively follow a single movement; free-flowing between natural landscapes, lush tropics, and the spontaneity of the Bohemian spirit. From divinely textured abstracts in a vivid array of contrasting tones, to intricately illustrated watercolour pieces, to photographic montages of the ocean’s dynamic ebbs and flows, RHAPSODY is a celebration of colour and light, water and sand – of the beauty of life’s temporal paradise and all that is quintessentially Summer.